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at the center for american progress sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's q& a. >>> michigan's governor rick snyder delivered his state of the state address outlining his plans for 2012. he spoke about the jobs, economy and education and tax reform. the remarks from lansing are about an hour. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. thank you very much. please, be seated. thank you. appreciate it. please have a seat. thank you. well, thank you. it's an honor to be here tonight. i would like to start by thanking several individuals and groups. first of all i want to thank the speaker of the house, jace bolger. [ applause ] second i would like to thank my partner in this endeavor, lieutenant governor calley. [ applause ] he's still speaking to me tonight after last night. i'd like to thank another key part of our team and success, senate majority leader richard ville. [ applause ] i'd like to thank senate majority leader witmer. minority leader. [ applause ] minority leader, sorry about that. [ laughter ] i'd like to thank house democratic leader hamel, who i
and their skills that they have and that they need. we started this process in the fall, with pure michigan talent connect. i encourage all of our young people and anyone looking for a job or career to go to this new portal is to get our citizens better connected. there are nearly 70,000 jobs on this site. if we filled all these positions, our unemployment rate would drop by another 2% almost. [ applause ] and many of these are very good jobs, by the way, such as welder, accountant, or nurse. but again, this is more than simply a job site. it has tools for letting people look at their skills and the financial return that would be available for various careers. please, check it out. our talent agenda also emphasized the unemployment rate in michigan is far too high for our veterans, for our veterans of iraq and afghanistan, our unemployment rate was approximately 29%. this isn't right. and we need to act. i encourage all employers to place a priority on hiring our veterans. [ applause ] we need help from our federal partners to create immigration opportunities for individuals who have
in michigan or arizona? it's america's choice. santorum climbed his way to the top. now he wants to win a valuable prize. the state where romney was born and raised. >> it's laughable that governor romney suggests that i am not a conservative. >> romney is waging a fierce battle, in two states that should have been shoes in. >> senator santorum hasn't been as carefully viewed by the american public as have the others. >> the two leaders struggling to erase voters' doubts, fighting each other and underdogs who are ready to pounce. >> those others who are at the top now doesn't mean they're going to stay there. >> this is the wildest, strange est primary process. >> will there be a split decision or will one candidate take it all? >> who's authentic? who's believable? >> my team is the people of michigan and of america and i'm going to fight for you. >> the momentum keeps shifting. controversies keep coming. and tonight kicks off a blockbuster round of contest that is could change everything. >>> welcome to the cnn election center this special edition of "john king usa." a watershed night
. >> bret: the next phase of the republican presidential campaign begins in just hours, live from michigan, this is special report. >> . >> good evening, i'm bret baier, we're live in birmingham, michigan, about 20 miles north of detroit. after a three week break the republican presidential campaign enters a crucial stage tomorrow. voters in arizona and here in michigan will begin an eight day stretch in which more than 500 convention delegates are at stake. that's about half the total it it it takes to win the nomination. and chief political correspondent carl cameron starts us off tonight. >> facing a dead heat in the polls and a must-win tomorrow in his native state of michigan, mitt romney attacked rick santorum not able, with a line he's reserved for president obama. >> he's a nice guy, but never had a job in the private sector, worked as a lobbyist, elected official, that's fine. if the issue of the day is the economy, i think to create jobs, it helps to have a guy as president who's had a job and i have. unemployment in michigan is 9.3%. >> i need your vote. >> santorum is running o
republicans in michigan and arizona will get their chance to vote in the republican primary and in both those states and in both those state he has again gotten the endorse mens of the state's republican governors. michigan's governor rick snyder endorsed him earlier. in michigan he has erased rick santorum's lead. the republican governor of arizona, jan brewer, she withheld endorsement until the very, very last minute, governor brewer waiting until yesterday, two days before the primary, to announce she, too, is endorsing mr. romney. government brewer's last minute endorsement i hope you won't mind me noting is not exactly a profile in courage given so much the state has voted it looks like mitt romney is going to run away with the state of arizona. so governor brewer waited long enough to figure out who was going to win and said i'm with that guy. jan brewer, always brave and classy. if you believe the polls. mitt romney has lead in arizona right now. if you believe the curse, maybe gentleman brew brewer endorsing him might turn it around. having the establishment on your side has not been
coverage of the michigan and arizona primaries starting now. >>> this should be fun. he here four years ago, led here most of this year by a mile. then came a string of defeats, bad campaign decisions, a democratic crossover campaign for his rival. and inexplicable gaffes. >> i love the state. seems right here, trees the right height. ann drives a couple cadillacs. i have great friends that are nascar team owners. the candidate makes mistakes, i'm trying to do better and work harder and make sure we get the message across. >> tonight, michigan's native son tries to salvage used to look like a sure thing. >> if people think there is something wrong with being successful in america, they better vote for the other guy. >> rick santorum spent the final weekend before the primaries waging culture war. >> i don't believe in an america with separation of church and state is absolute. president obama once said he wants everybody in america to go to college. what a snob. >> as the delegate by delegate battle to the republican presidential nomination continues, msnbc brings you complete coverage with
. tonight special election coverage of the gop primaries in michigan and arizona. we will have the latest results as soon as they come into the war room. this is really important night for mitt romney and rick santorum. you are in the war room. join me. ♪ >>> okay. so first we're going to go to the big board for the latest results from michigan. we have 10% of the precincts reporting. the red is santorum. the purple is for romney. look over here for example, in wayne county only 3% reporting. in that case it's 51% for romney. if you look above wayne county it's oakland county. this is where romney is from. 47% for romney. but look all the way west here. grand rapids kent county that's only 2% reporting, but it looks like it's going to santorum. look to ottawa county. this is the most conservative county in the state of michigan 53% for santorum. if you look way up north, up here this is a fairly conservative area 75% of the precincts reporting, you can see it's a small number of people 41%. same thing here, marquette 53%. kind of interesting to me here that these north
another turn in michigan. polls are tight between mitt romney and rick santorum, despite the fact that michigan is mitt romney's home state. tonight actress and film maker jennifer westfeldt is here. she is the director and star the new film "friends with kids." debbie dingell and jennifer westfeldt coming out. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it is a place to gather with your community to make everyday better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: a quick look ahead to what is coming up here this week. tomorrow i will be joined by singer-songwriter sinead o'connor. she is out with an acclaimed new cd, that maybe her most personal project to date. i will be joined by two of the leading heart experts for an in- depth conversation on ways we can improve our heart health. despite all of the improvements in medicine, heart disease remains the no. 1 cause of death across america. we will have a conversation on a supreme court review on a major vote -- a major affirmative action case. those who support affirmative acti
room, everybody. i'm jennifer granholm, as if you didn't know michigan voters go to the polls tomorrow, so we're going to get you ready tonight for that little g.o.p. primary. we'll analyze the situation on the ground of michigan and shake it all out. >>> a rising star will join me. california's attorney general and she's leading the fight to stop bank foreclosures in california. all that and more in "the war room." come on inside. >> from here in the war room we're tracking michigan for its delegates. it moved up quickly so it was penalized and fed of 60 it has instead of 60 it has 30 delegates. let me start with national polls for a moment. the national poll is not all that interesting because we're focused on states but nonetheless to give you a snapshot. from the gallup poll today the first time romney is beating santorum. if you look a week ago it was 26-36, there seems to be some momentum. but in michigan, what this is a compilation from the 538 blog in "the new york times." that blog does a great statistical analysis of the likelihood of victory based upon polls. nate silver who
in michigan. we have brand new exit polls and they are moments away. [chanting] >> i'm predicting we are going to surprise a lot of people in michigan tonight. >> there is a real effort to kidnap our primary process. >> shepard: tonight, accusations of dirty tricks as rick santorum tries to win mitt romney's home state. >> we need to have a candidate who can take president obama on on this biggest issue of day of government control of our lives. >> i think is he an economic light weight. >> shepard: now, getting ready for the results of a key contest. a new picture emerges of an an accused school shooter. >> he is so shy and quiet. >> didn't seem like there was anything wrong with him. >> shepard: tonight, what we know about the teen accused of opening fire. >> just amazing what some people have hiding inside of them. >> shepard: plus, the first 9/11 -- 911 calls as it all began. >> chardon high school we have shots fired. >> we will get to that first from fox this tuesday night. hours to go before the polls close in michigan and arizona. mitt romney is trying to prevent what our own carl came
on the? it's primary day in arizona and michigan. and in mitt romney's home state it's a dead heat. the third do or die moment in this contest. a win there could silence his critics. a loss would set party insiders into a panic. desperately searching for a reset button. could democrats be rick santorum's weapon? he's out with a new robo call imploring the other side to send a message to romney by voting for him. will enough democrats fight. and then president obama does something he decided not to do. after the republicans call him a snob. it's tuesday, february 28th, 2012. it's a super tuesday here at msnbc. and next week may be officially super tuesday, but it may not get bigger than this for mitt romney. let's get to the first part of the morning. mitt romney's future is on the line today. this is the third major do or die moment. he survived florida with another big win. can romney survive tonight at the day he was born in? there's no overstating the loss tonight. s no just the handwrittening over whether the establishment tried to find another candidate. but there will be fina
closed with polls closed in michigan and arizona. we at fox news can now project that mitt romney will easily win arizona, as expected. leaving rick santorum a distant second in that state. that means the former massachusetts governor will take all 29 delegates in arizona, a winner-take-all state, padding his lead now in the nation-wide hunt for delegates. >> exit polls show newt gingrich slightly ahead of ron paul for third place in arizona but it's too early to say whether that lead will hold. now in michigan, romney's native state, he holds a slide lead oversup, but it's too early to project who will come in first. >> but fox news can project that ron paul will take third place in michigan, leaving newt gingrich in fourth. the michigan projections are based on votes from sample precincts, statewide raw votes, exit polls and survey of absentee voters. >> michigan awards their delegates mostly by congressional district, making it likely that romney and santorum will be the only two candidates who divide the 30 delegates. >> to repeat the top news at the top of the ticket right no
, but he faces a key test in michigan. he's expected to win arizona, by the way, where polls show him a single digit and some polls with a double digit lead. michigan is a state where he was born, and he accused rick santorum of trying to hijack a victory by making automated phone calls to democrats. rick santorum is brushing aaside that criticism. you heard a portion a moment ago saying mitt romney fries to win the support of independents in earlier states. the dow jones closed above 13,000 for the first time since may of 2008. for a while earlier this month, the dow did reach 13,000 only to fall back, but today it closed above 13,000 four months before the financial crisis hit in may of 2008 was the last time the dow jones industrial average reached that benchmark. stocks get a boost today from a report that consumer confidence jumped in february to its highest level in a year. a prosecutor says that 17-year-old support in the fatal ohio shooting did not know his victims and chose them randomly in chardon, ohio. the prosecutor said that suspect t.j. lane admitted to firing ten shots
want to prosper and create more jobs. labor is essential to jobs and future. >> on jobs michigan's unemployment rate 9.3% ranks 11th worst among states including d.c. is president obama doing enough to bring jobs? >> yes. he is working to create jobs. what he's doing is what many don't. >> even though higher, 9.3%. >> we were the worst in the country for a long time. now people are going back to work. i know. my buddies are working in the auto plants. more importantly people are having hope. they feel good about themselves. going back to school, knowing that the president is helping making college more affordable, reducing student loan debt. the recent housing agreement he helped broker nationally is going to help many folks in michigan stay in their homs who otherwise would lose their homs and life savings in foreclosure. people understand this president is fighting for them directly for their economic interest. >> president obama has seen some uptick in his approval ratings, according to the latest "politico" battleground obama's approval rating, 64%. on the issue of feeling op
-take-all state. >> now to michigan. the 30 delegates there. mitt romney the big winner. not so big in the spread , but a big win as far as momentum. rick santorum will finish second. in third, ron paul, and newt gingrich will finish fourth. the interesting thing about michigan is the congressional districts were still -- 8 of them are two close to call. the split in delegates could be very tight. santorum could pick up relatively the same number, maybe even more, depending on how it goes congressional district. >> joining us now, chief political correspondent, mr. cam ran. hey, carl. >> hi, megyn. a big relieve for mitt romney to pull off the win in michigan. there's not a lot of doubt in the romney camp he remains a fractured and fragile frontrunner. when you compare tonight's victory in terms of percentages, romney has actually back slid from 2008. back then he beat john mccain by 9.2%, and based on 75% of the precincts in he's running about 64% so half the victory he had four years ago w that said, romney recognizes that there are still a lot of could be conservative he has skepticism problem
>>> primary showdown, mitt romney and rick santorum locked up in a neck and neck battle as michigan voters cast their ballots. >>> school shooting. witnesses say the teenaged gunman who opened fire at a ohio high school targeted a specific group of students. >> i hope every parent, if you haven't hugged or kissed your kid in the last couple of days, you take your time. >> daytona delay. an explosion on the tracks puts a delay on nascar's biggest race for more than two hours. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. it is primary day in arizona and michigan, high stakes for both mitt romney and rick santorum. a victory could hit a staggering blow to romney's campaign. michigan is the first state to hold the primary. it shows the race neck and neck in a state that was once considered an easy win for mitt romney. susan mcginnis is in detroit with the latest on this. >> reporter: hi, betty. mitt romney needs to win in michigan to avoid an embarrassing defeat in his home state. the polls open in three hours and mitt romney and ric
-span radio. >>> welcome back to washington today here on c-span radio. some news from michigan first. governor of that state supporting mitt romney in his presidential bid. more on that in a couple of minutes. detroit economic club former senator rick santorum defending his record against a new onslaught of attacks by the romney campaign. he out lined his economic agenda before business executives in detroit. here's a portion of his speech. >> would you have voted for t.a.r.p. money in particular for the auto loans to gm and chrysler? romney has stated woe not have support the decision to bailout the auto industry in 2009. >> i've heard that. [ laughter ] i take a little different position than governor romney. governor romney supported the bailout of wall street and decided not to support the bailout of detroit. my feeling was we should not support, the government should not be involved in bailouts period. that's a much more consistent position. it's one that if you look at what happened with -- by the way it's not the obama administration. i know governor romney focus on the obama
tonight. see you in a little bit. which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? michigan and the battle of the robo calls. >> you're making calls to republicans today. [ cheers ] >> yeah. yeah. and the santorum campaign is making calls to democrats today. all right. >> santorum's response: michael moore's response? the michigan sub text the battle of the unforced errors. romney again remembers something that didn't happen. >> i voted against ted kennedy, tip o'neal and bill clinton. >> they were never on the same ballot together. >> we went into a recession in 2008 because of gasoline prices. >> no. and david shuster in michigan steve kornacki, and sam seeder. $20 million off of women's healthcare. not off of the price. off of the care. pushing to deny more women more health care even as alabama and virginia have to back off some of their preabortion transvaginal ultrasound demands. and where fox news gets it's quote, news. >> this could be the intent of the obama administration. >> and the latest from michigan too close to call and arizona, romney in a b
." tonight from new york. mitt romney is struggling in the polls in his home state of michigan? seems like the state hasn't forgotten that he was against the automobile loan that helped save the auto induce in big city like detroit. how can you be against jobs? be a republican. this is "the ed show" let's get to work. >>> if you just write a check that you're going to see these companies go out of business ultimately. >> mitt romney is selling used cars in michigan and the people aren't buying it. richard wolfe has the latest. >>> 15 days before your taxes go up, the president was out hammering republicans today. >> pass the tax cut, extension of unemployment insurance. >> jan schakowski and jonathan alter will tell us where the payroll tax cut fight stands. >>> scott walker and president obama are set to meet face-to-face in milwaukee tomorrow. we'll have a preview. >>> and apple is launching an investigation into inhumane working conditions in chinese factories. >> i own an iphone when yie that i'm reminded of the children who put devices together. >> mike daisey's off broadway performan
of michigan to introduce our first witness. >> thank you, mr. chairman. on november 2nd, 2010, michiganians elected rick snyder, a successful businessman with no experience in politics. i think that's changed. to lead the state as governor through his relentless positive action and focus on accomplishing what he pledged to do. governor snyder has delivered. during his first year in office, he worked with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to eliminate the state's $1.5 billion budget deficit and create a $460 million surplus. as a true believer in the power of the private sector, uniting, not dividing all sectors, he's proven his commitment to michigan's future through his support of education and real world training for job seekers and removing unnecessary government-made hurdles. these types of bold actions were direly needed in michigan and governor snyder, doing what he promised, an usual tact has acted quickly to put our state back on the path to prosperity. and for that, i say thank you. on a more personal level, by the age of 23, this businessman turned politician earned his undergr
. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. >> bret: fallout from michigan and arizona. possible stumble. look forward to 11 contests in six days. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. mitt romney held serve on his home court in michigan and swept through arizona in two crucial primary wins tuesday. now romney and the three g.o.p. challengers focus on washington state saturday and super tuesday next week. we begin the coverage with chief political correspondent carl cameron in ohio. >> with a slim 3.2-point win in michigan, mitt romney arrived in ohio, the crucial test six days from now on super tuesday. 11 states will hold contests. >> a big night last night for me. i was pleased. good news. >> michigan's 30 delegates up in the air but will be shared. >> we had a better night than reported we ran dead even in michigan. the really important part, delegates. that is what this is about. we are going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. he is going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. [ applause ] >> michigan g.o.p. officials not yet a gaited all the
republicans in michigan and arizona will get their chance to vote in the republican primary and both of those states and in both those states, mitt romney has gotten the endorsement of the state's republican governors. michigan's governor, rick snyder came out and endorsed mr. romney earlier this month. the latest polling out of michigan, he has erased rick santorum's advantage there. mr. romney holding a slim lead in michigan ahead of the vote. the republican governor of arizona, jan brewer withheld her endorsement, waiting until yesterday, two days before the primary to announce she, too, is endorsing mr. romney. governor brewer's last minute endorsement is not exactly a profile in courage. given so much of the state has voted when you look at the polling, it looks like mitt romney will run away with arizona. governor brewer waited long enough to figure out who was going to win and then she said i'm with that guy. jan brewer, always brave, always classy. if you believe the polls, mitt romney has a prohibitive lead in arizona right now. but if you believe the curse, maybe jan brewer endorsin
were close in michigan, take this snapshot. real clear politics putting the spread of the most recent polls at 1.5 points. "the new york times" number cruncher predicts romney gets 68% against santorum's 38%. this could turn the race into reset mode by calling into question his electability. joining me now is new york times columnist charles blow and conservative commentator s.e. cup. happy super tuesday. >> and to you. >> the establishment has never loved mitt romney or never thrown him a parade, but on the other hand they supported him because of the money and the organization and thought he was their best chance to beat barack obama. if he can't win his home state, charles, what do they do? >> well, i mean, i think people are panicking right now. the problem is that we have time we go into one of these contests and mitt does not perform as well as they thought that he would, what you're getting is the culmination of this idea that he is not galvanizing the party. and that means he is weaker. even in michigan, if he comes in and wins by a hair, that's not really a win. it still rein
for mitt romney. he won the g.o.p. primary in michigan and arizona. they were must-wins. you have to give him credit for it. over the next hour we will analyze romney's victories and see if he can close the deal. join us here at the table. >> for some of tonight's results, i am glaing to be joined by donnie fowler democratic strategist and matthew del carl. welcome to the war room. it is the war room so, you know of course we have to have half eaten pizza, part of the symbolism of what you have to see in a war room. a good night for mit rom ney? >> a necessary win for mitt romney. >> if he had lost tonight, all bets would have been off. >> yeah, haley barbour was saying if mitt romney did not pull this off they would have to reconsider him. >> they were saying everybody has been saying that. the question is really the margin of victory, three points somewhat in the realm of where most of the polls that came out, you know, were suggesting it would be. the question is: is three points going to be enough to quiet the critics going forward? >> in polit
? >>> six days till the crucial primaries in michigan and arizona. we got new poll numbers. romney leads in both states, a large lead in arizona a small one in michigan. it is a battle between organization and momentum. >>> and about that auto bailout, our poll shows it is very popular in michigan. today, a deep dive in the mitt romney history with the auto industry. he grew up around it. says he loves cars, but could his tough talk for detroit dash any hopes of putting the state in the november battleground? >>> plus, president obama gets set to roll out corporate tax reform today that would lower rates, but boy, does he sure seem upbeat these days? ♪ come on, baby don't you want to go ♪ ♪ airport no place, sweet home chicago ♪ >> did say, that was pretty impressive. good morning from washington, it is wednesday, february 22nd, 2012, this is the daily run down. get to my reads. >>> a week until the make or break michigan primary. mitt romney and rick santorum locked in a statistical tie, 47% of likely voters for romney, rick santorum, 35. newt gingrich in single din yates 8. in
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 4,333 (some duplicates have been removed)